Hello there!

Anna Cody

Owner & Designer

I believe my job as a designer is to create beautiful, functional spaces that reflect the personality and style of each client – the best results come from true collaboration and trust between client and designer. Whether your style is very traditional or ultra contemporary, I can help you bring everything together in well designed spaces.

I began my career designing workstations and material flow in manufacturing facilities, and I bring that same problem solving and focus on functionality to my Interior Design projects. Everything begins with a good space plan.

Though my current work has a residential focus, I have experience in both commercial and hospitality design. The scope of my services varies depending upon the needs of each client; I am happy to assist with selecting a single paint color or to help you through the many decisions involved in renovating or building a home.

I live in Ann Arbor with my husband, two wild and hilarious children, two lovable, very badly behaved dogs, and one very sweet, strange cat. I love riding my bike and gardening, and one day hope to keep a houseplant alive for more than a couple months. I look forward to meeting you!

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